Building a watchOS and an iOS app using CoreMotion and WatchConnectivity

A Swift app that predicts a series of exercises in a real-time manner.

Getting Started Tool for the Processing Development Environment

A contributed Tool for the PDE that provides a quick introduction for new/beginner users (Java Swing).

Reference Tool for the Processing Development Environment

A reference Tool that can be utilized inside the PDE, eliminating the need to open up a browser for references (Java Swing).

Text Mining

Created topic models with tf-idf for 142 unlabeled news articles using the Stanford CoreNLP library. With the resulting data, implemented clustering and classification algorithms (K-means and KNN) from scratch.

Recommendations Microservice

Worked on an Agile team to create sprint plans and executed them to build a RESTful Recommendations microservice with Python/Flask and Swagger following TDD/BDD practices. We utilized Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) to deploy our service to the IBM Cloud using Cloud Foundry and Docker.

NYU Crime Time Analysis

Used public crime data (provided by the NYPD) to model and forecast crime rates in Manhattan using ARIMA time series modeling.

Oinker Bot

Created a Twitter Bot that generates Tweets in Pig Latin.


GSoC ’18 w/ The Processing Foundation

Making the Processing Development Environment Better for Beginners

Why I Decided to Study Computer Science After College

My Experience with Applying to Master’s Programs for Computer Science with NO Background